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Startup Seeking to Make Millions For Reminding You To Take Water

by biasharadigest

In highly rated American cable TV show Billions, Bobby Axelrod is a wealthy businessman who runs a hedge fund that makes a killing investing billions of dollars in capital markets.

Axelrod’s character played by Emmy Award-winning British actor Damian Lewis is a ruthless billionaire who makes his money through insider trading.

At the firm, Axe Capital, the billionaire relies on the tens of traders he has employed to act on the inside information. A large number of them do so without a clue that they are committing a criminal offence.

The billionaire just like every other boss has his favourite employees who he relies on to strike gold but it does not always go according to plan and in some instances, billions of dollars are lost.

In the event that happens, the traders will need counselling at work to enable them to recover from loss of investment and soldier on.

In comes Wendy Rhoades.

Ms Rhoades is a professional psychologist employed by Axe Capital to make sure that the traders perform at their optimum best, remain sharp and do not crash when they lose the firm’s money and if they have personal baggage bogging them down, they can also turn to her for help.

Many more companies in Western nations are known to hire psychologists or wellness experts to help their employees overcome stress or navigate day to day challenges.

In Kenya, a new company has sensed a business opportunity in this “new” frontier and is seeking a piece of the pie.

Wellsect, is a Kenyan wellness startup that will officially be launched this week and is confident that wellness so far remains an untapped business opportunity in the country.

In an interview with Business Today Wellsect Head of Business Development, Fridah Kinyua said that the company is seeking to first of all test the product and see how it will be received in the market before going full scale.

“Our research shows that the biggest challenge we will face in this market is awareness of this product. However, there is evidence to suggest that it can take off if players do their part in educating clients or the public on what wellness is all about,” said Ms Kinyua.

She added that the company is yet to land any Kenyan clients as it seeks to grow its clientele. The startup is also targeting international clients.

The company deals in wellness and has two main products, the individual plan and the corporate plan.

Some of the services that the start-up offers include engaging its clients online regarding work productivity, stress, depression, insomnia, sickness, eating habits, fitness and disease management.

Wellness has some overlapping characteristics with psychology but the latter majorly specialises in the mental health of a patient.

On the other hand, wellness is more relaxed and does not employ the rigid face to face setting psychology does.

For instance, Ms Kinyua says that Wellsect subscribers will be able to call or text their coaches at any time of the day including odd hours and talk to them about anything.

The clients will also be able to chat with a bot regarding their wellness which will allow them to remain in peak physical shape.

What’s more, Ms Kinyua says that the startup also reminds its clients of their routine depending on their plan.

For instance, Ms Kinyua said that clients are constantly reminded of what they are needed to do like take water, go for a morning run and the foods they are supposed to take and which ones to avoid.

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