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EPRA Reviews Solar Water-Heating Law

by biasharadigest

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is reviewing the solar water-heating law, in a bid to exclude residential homeowners, and only limit it to commercial building owners.

Previously, the law, conceptualized in May 2012, mandated all premises within the jurisdiction of local authorities, with hot water requirements of capacity surpassing 100 litres per day, to install and use solar water-heating systems.

Additionally, the law imposed a KSh1 million fine or one-year jail term on anyone who failed to install the systems.

The premises that were subject to this law included residential premises, schools, health facilities and hotels.

However, EPRA has now dropped the law after the National Assembly repealed it in 2018. Therefore, the Draft Energy (Solar Photovoltaic Systems) Regulations 2019 will only cover commerial building owners.

EPRA (formerly ERC), is responsible for regulating the generation, importation, exportation, transmission, distribution, supply and use of electrical energy, as well as, the production, conversion, distribution, supply, marketing and use of renewable energy in Kenya.

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