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How to cleverly conceal your potbelly – KBC

by biasharadigest

One of the cons of getting older is the body changes that you experience.


By Vinta Njeri

Weight gain is one of the major changes we experience with age. This is because your metabolism slows down, making it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it, not to mention other factors like genes and diet.  When you gain weight, some body parts will accumulate more fat than others. One such place is the middle section a.k.a. the abdomen. 

Potbelly stories can sometimes be personally horrific to a person, from ruining every look to being mistaken for pregnancy. The struggle of desperately trying to holdthe bellyt in and being self-conscious all the time can make a potbelly a woman’s or mam’s biggest fashion nightmare.

All this would explain the billion-dollar industry that claims to give you a smaller waist in days. However, a potbelly shouldn’t affect your self-esteem and it also doesn’t mean you have to live in baggy clothes. The truth is you can actually look and feel good despite the measurements of your waistline.

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Carefully choosing clothes can help hide ‘imperfections’ while at the same time accentuating your good areas. Sometimes, your tummy is not that big, but your wardrobe choice draws too much attention to your midsection.

Here is how you can cleverly dress to conceal your pot belly:

Choose the right pair of trousers. Tight low-waist trousers should be removed from your wardrobe. They tend to dig into your lower midsection leaving an unsightly over-spill of fat around your waistband. Rather than tight low-waist trousers, make high-waist trousers your best friend. They are belly-friendly and help hide fat at the waist.  Pair these trousers with long, figure-fitting tops. Note that fitting means it’s not too tight or loose, just fitting perfectly around your upper body.

High waist underpants hold in the tummy giving you a slimmer look. They are also comfy and highlight your curves and butt. They are extremely good at smoothing uneven areas under your dress and skirt. The good thing is that they don’t need to wear granny panties as there are modern high-waist pants.

Men’s high-waist underwear

Avoid thin, clingy fabrics, which cling around your body and quickly stretch on problem areas; they draw attention to what you want to hide.  Instead, go for fuller fabrics that take away attention from your midsection and balance the overall look. Cotton, linen or denim are the best options for you.

A-line dresses are an effective way to visually combat fullness in the stomach area. This type of dress fits around the waist and then flares below. The waist is the narrowest part of this look, meaning wearing this dress will divert attention from your stomach.

An A-line dress

Peplum tops are another effortless way to conceal your belly fat. They are cute and can be worn with a pair of trousers or a skirt. They are fitted up around your waist and flare out, giving you space to hide your belly fat. 

Peplum top

Finally, there is always the option of shapewear. Shapewears have been worn by women for centuries and it is amazing how timeless they can be. Today, thanks to advanced technology, shapewears have become more comfortable and come in various shapes and sizes. Shapewears have the power to drastically pull in the excess fat around your lower and upper midsection. 

Strapless shapewear

A fun pointer is that  wearing high-heels can distract attention from your waist. High heels can make you look slimmer.


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