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Where to Find Emergency Loans in Kenya

by biasharadigest

January is trudging on, and yet expenses keep piling up against shrinking incomes. It’s just a week to the end of January but that offers little relief for many Kenyans struggling to make through every day on a shoestring budget.

Interestingly, the end of January will usher in a new month with nearly similar expenses. Chances are that most of the salaries are likely to end up paying debts or will be just be swallowed by the ever-expanding household budgets.

Easy applications

Emergencies never give warnings. We all find ourselves in need of financing for hospital bills, school fees, funeral expenses or court fines among others.  This is when you need a quick and trusted source of credit and sources of emergency loans in Kenya aren’t that many.

Salaried employees who find themselves in an urgent need for cash before month-end can easily get salary advance loans from Mwananchi Credit, which processes applications in the shortest time possible.

If you work for a reputable company with evidence of
salary payment for the last six months, getting a salary advance loan
is about as easy as walking into a supermarket and picking an item as its
approval period is just one hour. The loans can be repaid in a flexible
repayment period.

To access the Salary Advance, you will need to provide the latest payslips for the last three months, six months bank statements for the salary account and post-dated cheques drawn from the salary account.

If that’s not good enough, the company also has WEEKEND LOANS for all its loyal clients of up to Ksh100,000, approved in just under 10 minutes. The only catch here is that you must be an existing customer and a loyal one at that.

Secured loans

an individual or a small and medium enterprise (SME) in need of working capital
to finance your business and to take advantage of emerging business
opportunities, the secured loan comes in handy.

The secured loan financing can
be utilized for working capital purposes or for the acquisition of capital
items for business, which is fast and competitively priced. The facility can
also be used by individuals to meet personal expenses such as medical, school
fees, purchase of household goods, etc.

facility is secured by either Logbook or title deed.

To access the Secured Loan, Mwananchi Credit Ltd shall require the following: Copy of the logbook or title deed, valuation report for the motor vehicle or property, legal charge over the property within one week and joint registration of the pledged motor vehicle.

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