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EDITORIAL: SMEs expansion timely – Business Daily

by biasharadigest

EDITORIAL: SMEs expansion timely

A fruits seller  in Molo. FILE PHOTO | NMG
A fruits seller in Molo. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The latest plan to set up regional hubs for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to ease access to government services is welcome. The proposed Biashara Centres are one of the many initiatives that the government has launched in its bid to boost the ease of doing business.

The initiative is an indicator that perhaps the earlier efforts have not been successful. It is not lost on observers that the launch of Huduma Centres was touted as a one-stop solution to problems that the red tape poses for entrepreneurs and the public in need of crucial government services.

The government needs to critically examine the existing agencies charged with the delivery of services that the enterprise hubs are expected to offer.

First, to avoid duplicating roles at the expense of taxpayers and second, to ensure that the businesses targeted at the grassroots get value. It should identify the weaknesses and strengths of the existing programmes to build on the successes and avoid repeating past mistakes.

We urge the government to consider restructuring or doing away with moribund institutions that have outlived their purpose in promoting SMEs.


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