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Kenya Power Plot to Curb Illegal Connections

by biasharadigest

Kenya Power has roped in the police as well as Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers to deal with criminals engaged in illegal power connections, theft of power and vandalism of electricity supply equipment among others.

The power utility firm
has begun a crackdown in Imara Daima estate in Nairobi and intend to roll out a
countrywide campaign to deal with those engaged in illegal power connections
and theft of equipment. . 

“We will do this
through identification of the sources of illegal connections, discontinue these
supplies and thereafter install lawful supplies that the customers can enjoy.
We will intensify these crackdowns not just in Nairobi but the rest of the
country with subsequent rollout of the campaign in all our regions,” said Kenya
Power’s Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Bernard Ngugi.  

Theft and vandalism of
electricity supply equipment is an economic crime under the Energy Act with
minimum fines KSh 5 million or imprisonment of 10 years or both on conviction.

Mr. Ngugi disclosed
that Kenya Power is working closely with investigating agencies to unmask
persons involved in these illegal activities with the aim of prosecuting them
in court.

In November 2019 Kenya
Power rolled out a campaign dubbed ‘Know Your Meter’ covering all regions
within Nairobi and its environs.

The campaign is meant to increase customer satisfaction, public safety and enhance the Company’s revenue protection measures.

It entails checking
all premises connected to electricity to ensure the meters are installed
correctly and functional as required by safety and technical standards of the
Energy Act 2019.

It is also expected to resolve any outstanding customer concerns and weed out illegal and unsafe connections.

“It is now about two
months since commencement of the Know Your Meter campaign.

So far, the outcome
shows that while a good number of honest Kenyans are enjoying legally connected
electricity, there are others who have opted to engage in illegal connections,
by-passing of meters and other similar vices that offences under the Energy
Act,” said Mr. Ngugi.

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