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Safaricom, M-Gas partner in pay-per-use cooking gas deal

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Safaricom, M-Gas partner in pay-per-use cooking gas deal

Safaricom headquarters in Nairobi
Safaricom headquarters in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Customers using cooking energy from M-Gas can now access filled gas cylinders and pay per volume used thanks to smart card fitted by Safaricom.

The two firms announced Tuesday that the solution will encourage more uptake of cooking gas among low income consumers by eliminating upfront costs of acquiring a filled gas cylinder, usually above Sh6,000.

Each M-Gas setup will come with a gas cylinder and a two-burner gas cooker provided at no upfront cost.

The cylinder has been fitted with a smart meter that will show how much gas a customer has paid for.

Customers will be allowed to pay from as little as Sh1, meaning that one can pay to access gas for cooking a day’s meal.


Payments will be made through M-Pesa, with the gas automatically disconnecting when a customer has consumed what is paid for.

“Safaricom’s partnership with M-Gas will for the first time empower millions of Kenyans with affordable access to clean cooking gas, an opportunity we believe has been previously underserved,” said Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph.

The gas has been introduced in Nairobi’s Mukuru kwa Njenga slum and will be rolled out in other areas.

M-Gas says the smart meters will be sending an alert to the company whenever a customer’s gas runs out, allowing it to deliver another one at no extra cost. “M-Gas is proud to be working with Safaricom on this pioneering effort to bring affordable, convenient and clean cooking solutions to millions of low-income households in Kenya,” said head of M-Gas Volker Schultz.

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