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Digital Gig Economy’s Potential to Solve Youth Unemployment –

by biasharadigest

Digital technologies are a crucial source of economic dynamism and create opportunities for gig job creation. Kenya enjoys high mobile penetration standing at 112 per cent with a whopping 53.2 million active mobile subscriptions as of September 2019.

Furthermore, Smartphone penetration and high internet speed make the gig economy suitable for the Kenyan youth. Gig Economy refers to a task-based arrangement where the gig worker receives payment after completion of a specified task as opposed to an hourly/monthly rate.

Platforms allow for sourcing of gigs, communication and direct transaction between the consumer and gig worker.

In a recent interview with Kenyan Wallstreet, Jerioth Mwaura, Youth Impact Labs Program lead opines that the gig economy would provide a lasting solution to youth unemployment.

The gig worker provides labour such as drivers, deliveries, artists, domestic cleaners, plumbers

According to a report, Towards a Digital Workforce: Understanding the Building Blocks of Kenya’s Gig Economy released in August 2019, overall unemployment rates stand at 26.4 per cent.

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Youth need to gain soft skills to compete in the Gig economy.

However, Jerioth notes that firms in the gig economy face challenges -limited funds and access to the market.

Check this interview as Jerioth expounds on Youth unemployment and how the gig economy will provide solutions.

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