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3 Ways Betty Kyallo Is Damaging Her Brand

by biasharadigest

Betty Kyallo used to be everyone’s screen sweetheart. She was like a princess who would do no wrong. Her voice made people capture everything there was in news and her looks kept viewers glued. When she had a wedding several months ago, we were all left in awe by the fairy tale that was unraveling before us.

Then things started going south – separation, love triangles, accusations of arrogance and so on. At the moment, we are seeing a very different person – a person that might be on a dangerous path to disaster. The truth is that when you have an illustrious career like Betty Kyallo’s you have to keep everything you do or say in check. Getting to the top is not easy and once you exit from the grand stage, the public is never willing to usher you back in. Ask the likes of Louis Otieno and Esther Arunga. A wise woman learns from the mistake of others, not her own.

There are three ways Betty is messing up her brand right now,

Failing to cover up her dirty linen

Building a personal brand is hard, time-consuming work. To build a strong brand, you must do things and portray and image that the public loves, and then devise an easily recognizable brand image that epitomizes and reinforces that emotion. You shouldn’t be having all your dirty linen pouring out to public.

It seems like Betty is now becoming the poster girl for scandals. From Dennis Okari to Prezzo to Hassan Joho, it’s all too much. Maybe she should hire a cleaner, to make sure her private matters remain out of the public reach. Otherwise her relevance will start to diminish.

Directly responding to her critics

At this very moment, when I am writing this article, Betty Kyallo is trending on Twitter because of some cocky and dismissive responses that she gave to a few curious fans of hers. How is this helpful in any way? Will her bosses continue to take her seriously after such antics?

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