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Top 3 technologies to have in every classroom in 2020

by biasharadigest

Modern Classroom Technology: Video lessons via Skype and interactive blackboards in the classroom are no longer seen as something special these days as the technology captures new horizons in terms of learning innovations.

While the teacher is still present to estimate every student’s progress, the modern classroom technology becomes more dependent on things like virtual reality, cloud computing, and mobile learning.

It is still relatively difficult to tell whether these innovations take place because of social media and excessive use of mobile devices but it is for certain that both students and educators will strive to meet the new technology-driven realities.

From Artificial Educators and Cloud Textbooks to Remote Mobile Learning

The modern students are literally born with handy electronic devices that teach them how to interact with friends, find out the meaning of the new words or publish different information all over the world. Psychologists, educators, sociologists, healthcare sector specialists, and the parents have long sought ways to meet the new challenges and adjust the existing classroom education methods. There are three main technology trends that are most likely to prevail in every classroom in 2020, which are AI education, Distribution of Information via Cloud Computing, and the Mobile Learning that will work much alike to distance learning practices.

The virtual teachers have always existed in this way or another since the rise of the global Internet network, yet the classroom implementation of this practice has already become a usual practice to help teachers introduce interactive materials that help school and college students to check themselves and repeat the curriculum. While not being a new technology for the classroom in the broad sense, it takes on new roles on a daily basis as the AI assistants become installed in every school computer and offer greater psychological help due to via-the-screen interaction with the learners. Therefore, this technology can be met in every modern classroom that aims not to replace a physical teacher but assist the students with their basic learning challenges.

Cloud textbooks represent another positive aspect of the future classroom because it is relevant both for classic schools and remote classrooms for small groups or private institutions. Since the textbooks can be accessed virtually anywhere, students can learn at their own convenience with flexible schedules and timetables. The cloud computer learning method has become a very popular trend all over the world that allows for customized education and increased accessibility with no shortage of available textbooks or a list of supplementary tasks.

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Another popular technology trend that aims to make future education better is the use of remote mobile learning. In practice, the students will not have to spend hours in the classrooms but will learn with mobile phones and pass special exams and tests without being present in the classroom or cheating sitting next to each other. Considering that there are specific mobile devices, students will not access search engines but will be limited to a special learning environment. As technology constantly improves education, it will also help students to use every opportunity to train their grammar, spelling, and even social skills as they combine smartphones with the school.

Social Media

Modern Classroom Technology

Facebook and Instagram may not sound like typical classroom technology, yet there are plans to implement social interactions in future school programs as it can teach students to become responsible and more literate. Considering the time an average student spends online, educators believe that connecting Facebook with diverse educational platforms will help students to research anything from Sociology Essay Topics to finding fellow students with similar interests all over the world. Learning about the world and interactions of the Millenials, psychologists believe that school teachers and college professors will establish a closer bond with the students.


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