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Kenyan Passport Among 10 Best in Africa

by biasharadigest

The Kenyan passport is the 9th strongest in Africa, allowing a holder to travel to 71 countries visa-free. Globally, the Kenyan passport ranks 72nd, together with China and Indonesia. The ranking is according to the 2020 Henley Passport Index, which ranks passports according to global mobility and access.

The Kenyan passport is among the most valued passports in Africa. While its position has weakened over the last ten years, its holders can access 6 more countries visa-free. In 2010, the passport ranked 64th globally, accessing only 65 countries without a visa.

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In Africa, Seychelles has the most powerful passport, accessing up to 151 countries without a visa. Seychelles ranks 29th globally. Mauritius at 146 countries follows at second, then South Africa with 100 countries third.

Here is a top ten list of the most powerful passports in Africa together with the number of countries they can access without a visa.

  1. Seychelles – 151
  2. Mauritius – 146
  3. South Africa – 100
  4. Botswana – 84
  5. Namibia – 76
  6. Lesotho – 74
  7. Eswatini -73
  8. Malawi – 72
  9. Kenya – 71
  10. Zambia – 70

3 Asian countries top the global list for countries with the most access without a visa. Japan holds the record for the world’s most powerful passport, accessing 191 countries visa-free. Singapore follows at 190 countries and South Korea at 3rd places with 189 countries. The United States ranks at 8th accessing 184 countries visa-free whereas Afghanistan ranks 107. Afghani passport holders can only visit 26 countries without a visa.

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