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Refilling your gas cylinder is now just a click away

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Refilling your gas cylinder is now just a click away

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A worker at a gas selling point. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Need to refill your gas? You can now just press a button on your phone to do so.

Safari Supa Gaz Limited is turning into a ‘Uber’ of gas supply, removing consumers’ hassle in refilling gas cylinders.

The firm delivers their products from 8am to 10pm within Nairobi.

A report by the Ministry of Energy and the Clean Cooking Association of Kenya says some consumers travel as far as 5km to reach service centres.

“Households using LPG must travel nearly twice as far (5.3km) on average than kerosene users (2.9km) even though twice as many households nationwide cook with LPG compared with kerosene,” says the study dated 5 November 2019.


Supa Gaza’s filled 6kg gas cylinder retails at Sh2,200 if purchased from the USSD technology that automatically connects customers to their authorised, verified dealers.

The digital app places the gas company in control of the entire distribution chain, starting from local production of the gas cylinders to the delivery of gas to your doorstep.

“There is a technology we employ called USSD. It allows us to connect the customer to our verified dealers who we have vetted and have agreements with,” says Flora Njagi, head of business development at Safari Supa Gaz.

“A customer just dials *873# after which they receive a prompt that allows them to place an order which is received by Safari Supa Gaz.”

Once the order is placed, she says, it reflects on the phone of the firm’s authorised dealers, much like Uber, “giving a dealer the option to attend to the order”.

“Our customer service team then tracks the order to ensure the dealer delivers between 30 minutes and an hour,” she says.

“Time and quality is what differentiates us from our peers. We do not want you to place an order say in Thika, which we do not currently cover and wait half a day to get your cylinder because of the time it would take to get to you.”

She added: “We are really keen on focusing on quality and convenience and just like Uber, the dealers we have retained in our database are rated based on their performance. This is a true incentive for them to promptly deliver to our customers.”

The firm has also been teaching potential customers on the importance of clean energy.

“We first introduced the 6kg because we as Safari are starting the journey with a majority of Kenyans…,” she told Digital Business.

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