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Ditch Your Poor Friends to Thrive and Make it in Life

by biasharadigest

Success in
whichever form is always welcome and for those who have made it, they will
confess of serious challenges they had to overcome to become what they are.

While most people
see the success, very few see the processes that moulded the prosperity of the
person they admire.

But we live
in a world where those who are good and fast decision makers end up with the longer
end of the stick. And the best of the land, usually.

Ditch Your Poor Friends

To make
success a way of life, you need to ditch the people close to you who do not
help you achieve your dreams.

These are the
poor friends who will always pull you back keeping you from your goals longer.

And, money is not everything. The issue here is about those who have poverty of ideas.

There are
friends who will be around you because of what they are getting from you and
not what they give in return. Just like in business, friendships are
transactions. They are about giving and taking.

When you have
friends who are draining you emotionally, they are bad even for your bank

If you have
friends who cannot keep confidences, these should be shown the door.

For those
seeking success, and this is all of us, the people we surround ourselves with
will determine how fast, slow or if we ever make it.

The friends
you need to do away with include:

  1. Toxic people

These kinds
of people could be the reason you never make it past the door of success. You can
see it, you know it but somehow it keeps eluding you. It could be that the
toxicity within your friendship circle could be working against you.

When you have
people who are always hateful, negative about life and basically have nothing
but the angel of death looming over everything, then it could be they also
could be the hindrance to your success.

These are the
kinds you share with about starting a business and they have all the reasons
why it cannot work yet they do not give you substantive reasons why. They also
do not give you options or other ideas except what cannot work.

They are
however not to be confused with our next kind.

  1. Poor situation analysts

Someone may
have started a business and it failed and so they feel that anyone who wants to
start the same business may not work.

Without sufficient proof, they will try to show you how the idea is bad and how it cannot work for you. Yet, the situations could be different. They always are, anyways.

So basing
everything on their failures, they will fail to recognise that your situation
could be different from theirs. If you consistently have to deal with this kind
of friend, it could be time you ditched them.

  1. The Forever Child

The truth is,
poor friends will make you poor in 2020 and every other new year that you
celebrate and remain hopeful.

Did you know
that we all have a child inside of us that wants to just go out and play? Well,
the reality of the matter is that we cannot be children forever but there are some
people who will always be because of how they reason and how they deal with

If you have
friends who are explosive, unaccountable and uncouth, then the best thing is to
get rid of them if you have to be successful.

  1. The Shadow

This is the
kind of friend that you are always making plans with even subconsciously.

It means that
before you even a move- business or otherwise- you have to consult them. Basically,
they know everything about you but you probably barely know anything about

While it is advisable
to have a confidante, those that impede your ability to make independent decisions
and moves mean they need to go. Be freer with yourself, trust yourself a bit
more and push your limits a bit further.

See what magic you can achieve without always having to have your shadow think on your behalf.

But do not be
too perfect as to think that you do not need people around you to give you
honest feedback.

  1. The Always Yes Friend

There are times that you make decisions and feel that despite consulting, your friends deliberately failed you. You ask yourself questions like: how could they not show me the loophole? Or how could they have missed that?

Well, maybe your friends could have been the always ‘yes’ type and they could not say something that would have made you uncomfortable, angry etc.

If you have
been through this, it is time to make your circle even smaller. Have a circle
of friends you can trust, with common goals of success and people who cannot
tolerate mediocrity.

It is 2020 and so ditch those with poverty of ideas and thrive!

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