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Titans Of The Decade; Joshua Oigara

by biasharadigest


2012; Joshua Oigara was appointed CEO of KCB Group at 37 years old


 Launched mobile application with increased features

  Agency banking platform upgrade, Internet banking refresh


  Launch of M-Benki – the virtual account opening platform over the mobile

  Launched KCB Mobiloan- Registered 1.4m accounts in 4 years

  Launch of Biashara Smart for SMEs

  Launch of Inua Jamii- Has served 717,342 elderly persons, orphans and disabled through use of digital channels


  Launched KCB Capital, KCB Insurance, KCB Pepea Card 2015

  KCB MPESA in partnership with Safaricom- 8 million accounts and KES 18b disbursed in 18 months

  Launched KCB Sahal for Shariah Compliant banking products-Made a profit of Ksh 500m in 2018 to be the most profitable Islamic banking unit in the Kenyan banking sector.

  Launch of 2015 -2019 strategic partnerships strategy 2016 Launched KCB 2jiajiri- Training youths in Construction, Automotive Engineering, Beauty, Domestic Services and Agribusiness. 27,139 youths trained as at September, 2019.


Invested KShs. 1.5 billion in a new Huawei platform to drive fintech (Vooma). Repayment of mobile loans stood at 95%


  •   MobiGrow-108,260 MobiGrow Accounts
  •   KCB Mpesa revamp- Rolling over of loans and allowing customers to borrow multiple times as long they are within their limits
  •   Disbursed Ksh 54bn via mobile (disbursements) with a repayment rate of 98.2%
  •   Biggest Mortgage lender with Ksh 64.3bn loan book. 2019
  •   Launch of Stawi loans in partnership with CBK and a consortium of commercial banks
  •   Underwriting of Fuliza loans (partnership with Safaricom & NCBA)
  •   Joined Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company where they now own 25.3% with a capital commitment of KES 600m.
  •   Disbursed Ksh 159bn on mobile in the first 9 months KEY STRENGTHS
    Using in institutional knowledge to drive industry leadership and consolidation
  •   Acquisition of NBK
  •   Receiver manager for Chase Bank (IR), marking the first ever full resolution of a local bank in receivership.
  •   Buyout of Ksh 5bn Imperial bank assets
  •   Leader & Fastest growing Islamic banking window
  •   Achieved over $1bn in shareholder funds in 2017(KES 105.9bn)
  •   East Africa’s No. 1 (2018)Bank in terms of
    •   Profitability (Ksh24bn)
    •   Total Assets (Ksh714.3 million)
    •   Total Deposit (Ksh537.5bn)
    •   Total Revenue (Ksh71.8bn) Strategic partnerships
  •   KCB Mpesa-KCB customer numbers have increase from 4.4m in 2014 to 17.4m in 2018 courtesy
    of KCB Mpesa partnership with Safaricom in 2015.
  •   Huawei fintech platform has seen the bank increase its monthly loan disbursements on mobile
    to at least Ksh 10bn per month
  •   They also underwrite Fuliza powered by Safaricom, the first overdraft facility on mobile globally.
  •   Part of Stawi loans and Kenya Mortgage refinancing company consortium of banks

 Inua Jamii partnership with govt of Kenya
Social Impact Initiatives

  •   Inua Jamii (money transfer programme to the aged and people with disabilities)-Ksh 12.9bn
  •   2Jiajiri (for youth empowerment) . Pledged ksh 50bn in 5 years to train youths. ‘Young Africa
    Works’ KShs 10 billion funding from the MasterCard Foundation to scale up the bank’s
    2jiajiri job creation programme
  •   Mifugo ni Mali (empowering pastoralists)
  •   MobiGrow – MobiGrow is a tailored product for smallholder farmers offering digital financial services including affordable loans, savings, insurance, and training opportunities. It runs on USSD *225#
  •   Under stakeholder engagements, the Bank runs the KCB Power Talks, a quarterly premium corporate banking engagement session, media fora, Biashara Club and Developers Club. Others include KCB Lion’s Den, sports etc
  •   Group MSME loan book stood at KES 40bn (2018). KES 50bn committed to lending to MSMEs in the next 5 years. Digital transformation
  1. Mobile loans- Have the richest portfolio of mobile loan products
    •   Purpose /value chain lending -Jaza Duka for retailers in partnership with Mastercard and Unilever & MobiGrow (Agriculture)
    •   Consumer/SME & MSME lending-Fuliza, KCB Mpesa,Mobi Loans, Stawi loans
  2. Use of niche players to power digital and fintech play
    •   Kocela (KCB App)
    •   Mobile Financial Solutions Ltd( Mobiloan)
    •   Huawei (Fintech platform aka Voom)
    •   Safaricom(KCB Mpesa, Fuliza)
  3. Digital channels
    •   95 % of transactions being done outside the branch(30th September , 2019)
    •   Non branch revenue stood at KES 8.6bn ( 9 months to Sep 2019), 11.4bn if annualized
    •   Agency banking- 20,561 agents and Point of sale machines. Ksh 204bn transacted via agency banking in 2018.
    •   Mobile banking include KCB App and USSD *522#- 45% of transactions done on mobile(FY2018) & 75% as at ( 9 months to Sep 2019)
  4. People
    •   An average of 7 training days per staff(2018)
    •   Staff are trained to express themselves on digital skills
    •   KES 17bn in Staff salaries,155 promotions(2018)

KCB Group Financial Performance Under Joshua Oigara

Key Highlights20112012201320142015201620172018
Profit before tax (bn)
Operating Income (bn)39.344.147.955.259.069.571.471.8
Customer Deposit (bn)259288306377424448500537
Asset Portfolio (millions)330.6368.0390.9490.3558.1595.2646.0714.0
Customers (millions)1.282.514.1410.112.315.717.4
Profits (bn)10.9812.214.216.819.6219.7219.7024.0

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