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The Six Most Popular Loans That Give Quick Cash

by biasharadigest

The Kenyan credit market is awash with various loans, the most popular being digital loans dished through mobile apps. More credit is, however, offered by micro-lenders, who are effectively filling the gap left by over-cautious commercial banks and saccos.

Mwananchi Credit, a leading micro-lender in Kenya
with branches in major towns across the country, offers a number of loans to
cater to different needs in the market.

Here are some of the popular loans the award-winning
company offers.

1. Logbook Loans in

logbook loans are taken by individuals to meet personal expenses such as
medical, school fees, purchase of household goods etc. The loan facility is
secured using a car logbook and offers up to Ksh20 million. 

who owns a private, commercial or passenger service vehicle qualifies for the auto logbook loan. The loan can be secured
against more than one motor vehicle.

Cheque Discounting

get cash against cheques issued by reputable companies at competitive
commission rates. Mwananchi Credit also discounts post-dated cheques for
selected companies.

product ensures the borrower gets immediate cash against
their cheques
. This ensures a continuous flow of your business working
capital which would otherwise be affected while waiting for the cheque to go
through the clearing cycle.

3. LPO Financing

finances businesses to service awarded LPOs or LSOs and contracts by your
procuring entities. This is done fast and at competitive pricing against
securities such as title deeds and logbooks.

 LPO financing
enables contractors and vendors of government, reputable companies,
institutions, and other organizations to have the financial capability to
execute the awarded jobs/contracts with ease and on time.

4. Invoice Discounting

you need to unlock working capital tied up by unpaid invoices you can get paid by
discounting invoices
for reputable companies/institutions fast and at competitive pricing. No
security is required.

Credit discounts invoices of suppliers for supermarkets, reputable companies,
educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, NGOs and selected parastatals.

 It serves those who supply goods and services
on credit after invoicing and having to wait to be paid at a future date. It
finances up to 80% of the invoice value to be repayable within 90 days in a
bullet payment from the proceeds of the invoices.

5. Salary Advance Loans

you have an emergency or urgent need for cash before your next pay, the Salary Advance Product
from Mwananchi Credit can sort you. The company finances employees of reputable
companies with evidence of salary payment for the last six months.

loans can be repaid in a flexible repayment period. The facility can be used to
fund emergencies such as school fees, hospital bills, wedding expenses, funeral
expenses, court fines, etc. It is easy to apply and approval is
granted within one hour.

6. Secure (Title
Deed/Logbook) Loans

Individuals or small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in need of working capital can get financing for the acquisition of capital items for the business at fast and competitive pricing. The facility may also be used by individuals to meet personal expenses such as medical, school fees, purchase of household goods, etc. The facility may be secured by either Logbook or Title Deed.

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