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Salaries 120,000 KUPPET teachers may earn in new CBA with TSC

by biasharadigest

KUPPET News: KUPPET appears to have gained an upper hand in pay negotiations with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Currently, teachers under KUPPET are benefiting since they fall under the career progression guidelines that form part of the collective bargaining agreement between the union and TSC for 2017-2021. These benefits may grow if KUPPET has its way with its ongoing pay negotiations with TSC for a new CBA.

In its for CBA 2021-2025 submissions to TSC, Kuppet wants Secondary Teacher II , Secondary Teacher UT and Primary Special Needs Education Teacher, who fall under Grade C2 and earn between Sh. 34,000 and Sh. 43,000, to take home a minimum salary of Sh. 59,425 and a maximum of Sh. 74,280.

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The union also wants chief principals and senior principals, currently earning Sh. 118,242, to be paid Sh. 153,715, while those earning Sh141,891 should have their pay increased to Sh. 184,458.

In the proposal, Kuppet, which now has 120,000 members, also wants teachers to be paid a commuter allowance of between Sh. 8,500 and Sh. 20,000 and a leave allowance of between Sh. 43,694 and Sh. 141,891. It also wants its members to earn a house allowance of between Sh. 16,500 and Sh. 45,000, and a town allowance for Nairobi and county headquarters of between Sh. 4,000 and Sh. 8,000.

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The union wants its members to earn a  hardship allowance of between Sh. 16,350 and Sh. 57,150 – up from the current Sh. 10,900 to Sh. 38,100 – an overtime pay of between Sh. 500 and SH. 1,300 per hour, and a special allowance of Sh. 15,000 per month to teachers in special needs schools.

Meanwhile, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has dropped a controversial requirement that those holding administrative positions must have a master’s degree for secondary and an undergraduate degree for primary schools.

Following this, the TSC has re-advertised 3,469 positions.

Among those re-advertised are positions of 369 principals in job group D3, 451 headteacher positions in job group C5, and 2,364 deputy headteachers in job group C4. The commission has also re-advertised the positions of Secondary School Teacher I and II, senior masters, deputy principals, Primary Teacher I, senior teachers, deputy headteachers and headteachers, with 185 positions available for grabs. Also advertised are the positions of Secondary School Teacher I in job group C3.

Principals in job group D3 take home a salary of between Sh. 93,850 and Sh. 102,807, exclusive of commuter, hardship, leave and house allowances, among other benefits, while headteachers in job group C5 take home between Sh. 51,631 and Sh. 62,272.

-Additional KUPPET News first published in the Daily Nation.

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