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How Bonfire Adventures ruined my Christmas

by biasharadigest

Bonfire Dubai: “My name is Dr. Stella Bosire. In June/July I booked a holiday for my son and Faith (nanny) to Dubai because I am that mother whose work does not accord her the opportunity to be home most of the time.

I went ahead and paid the full amount to Bonfire Safaris ahead of a trip scheduled for August. But immigration delayed in issuing my son’s Passport and we had to postpone! I communicated in time and we had the tickets apparently issued by Emirates open!

Bonfire Dubai

My handler, Mr. Marekia of Bonfire Safaris after some pushback ensured that the ticket was left open via Emirates. Shock on me to be told that declared a no show and I have to pay $ 850 for new tickets!

Bonfire Dubai

Early December when I had had enough and I made a public complain on Bonfire Safaris Facebook page. Simon Kabu the CEO reached out to me, apologised and requested that I take the post down. I did. He also went ahead and promised to do all he could to make it happen.

We met on Facebook, fell in love, and built a multi-million company

All I want is for my Ksh. 250,000 to be refunded so that I can get to pay for a holiday elsewhere for Faith (nanny), Tj and Myself. I reached out to Simon Kabu. Hr said he is busy and I should speak to him in January, yet our holiday was planned for 3rd-8th January 2020, when Tj will be turning 6.

Bonfire Dubai

How can we build Kenya when companies like break children’s hearts of dream holidays so that they can spend quality time with Mummy before the year becomes busy! Simon Kabu refund the $2,500!

This was my child’s trip. I saved up to take two people who have been patient, loving and understanding to me in the year 2019 for a well deserved break- Tj and Faith .

I have missed school events, play dates and many important moments in my child’s life. This was an opportunity to have quality time with my child yet you treat it so callously! Simon Kabu while you’re too busy on your holidays, I am a mother, heartbroken, and who doesn’t want to lie.” Bonfire Dubai.

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