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Bonfire Adventures refunds Dr. Stella Bosire after holiday mess

by biasharadigest

Bonfire Deals: Tours and travel firm Bonfire Adventures and renowned medical practitioner Dr. Stella Bosire have resolved a ticket issue to Dubai.

On December 26, Bizna Kenya carried a story on how Bonfire Adventures ruined Dr. Stella’s Christmas holiday.

Dr. Stella Bosire: How Bonfire Adventures ruined my Christmas

Following the story, Simon Kabu, the chief executive officer of Bonfire explained as follows:

“This issue was sorted. As discussed earlier we had a talk with Stella and I explained to her the policies and cancellation of the ticket which she understood. I sincerely apologized to her for any mis communication or misunderstanding that may have arose. This was an issue where a client books and pays then after we ticket she requests we cancel the ticket. For her not to loose we kept ticket open that she can travel later ( but it can only be during the same season). She wanted to travel during high season 3rd Jan which means ticket price is different from original and that level where issue of money addition was coming about.

We agreed I refund her the money paid less the ticket amount (which she can use later). I also explained to her the issue of “busy” and she understood the circumstances underlying that. It was not that we were not talking but at that point I wrote the message I was in a middle of something. We apologize for any misunderstanding but most importantly the issue was resolved. As the saying indicates “ human is to error”, We take feedback constructively as this will help us become better people and be in a position to serve you better tomorrow. So admin kindly pull down the post as it’s resolved. Thanks and May God bless you all.”

Dr. Stella said the following:

“Because we seek to make peace, I am here to report that Simon Kabu has REFUNDED my money. We all make mistakes, and we learn, may we give this amazing organization another opportunity to be the No. 1 institution they have been.” Bonfire Deals.

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