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Boxing day: unusual and lovely presents

by biasharadigest

From one year to the next, choosing a present becomes even harder. Tuko.co.ke, together with Jiji, collected peculiar gifts, that will gladden your friends and relatives and create genuine Christmas mood.

Christmas hamper

The easiest way to gather many fascinating gifts in one place is a hamper box. Think about the preferences of the person you’re going to give it and fill it with themed items. Hamper box can consist of anything, from candies to fishing hooks. Just think about the interests and hobbies of the individual.

Christmas themed T-shirt

This t-shirt will become an ideal present for those people that just love Christmas badly. Special themed clothes are an important part of Christmas mood. Don’t be afraid to choose the brightest t-shirt even though you would definitely not wear it on. Believe, for Christmas junkies, the more colorful it is, the better they will feel.


If you’re looked something luxury and trophy but at the same time that would be really useful in routine life, think about watches. What is good about this set is that it suits both men and women.

Christmas Throw Pillows

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without cozy pillows with some Christmas-ish pictures on them. If you’ve been looking for a finishing touch for your Christmas house decorations, these pillows can come in handy.

Vacuum Cup

We live in a country where Christmas is difficult to associate with snow, froze, and all this stuff that exists somewhere but not here. But this doesn’t replace the need to drink warming drinks, like coffee and tea. This mug is good for office, home, and adventures.

Christmas Rice

If you want to wonder someone with a really special present that will show your concern about the person, present these people food that they love most of all or which is in deficit for whatever reason. Such gifts usually are more emotionally powerful and will be remembered longer than any toy or Christmas card.

Customized mug

A Christmas mug is more touching than a simple one. A mug with a photo of the person you’re going to present it is even more moving. Just choose a beautiful photo that the individual really likes.

Kitenge Fabrics

Presenting clothes is always a tricky task. You can be wrong with size, color, personal preferences, and style. That’s why it’s smarter to give Kitenge fabrics that the person could use they wish.

X-mas massage oil

The odor of Christmas is as important as the Christmas tree and food. This X-mas massage oil is ideal for you and your lovely one during the Christmas holidays.

Star Projection Lamp

Such a lamp is good for long Christmas nights in a family circuit while watching Home Alone. Turn it on and the ceiling of your house will turn into a starry night sky.

Go to Jiji and choose Christmas presents for the whole family at a reasonable price!

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