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Goat, chicken prices increase sharply ahead of Christmas

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Goat, chicken prices increase sharply ahead of Christmas

Burma Market
A meat trader at Nairobi’s Burma Market. PHOTO | KANYIRI WAHITO 

The prices of goats and chicken have hit record highs ahead of Christmas Day.

Whole goat meat at the popular Kiamaiko Market is trading at Sh8,000, up from Sh4,000 as traders race to ramp up sales during the festive season.

The cost of chicken at Burma Market has risen to between Sh1,300 and Sh1,500, from an average of Sh1,000.

The increase comes amid tough economic times.

“Prices have gone up but times are hard and customers are few. In the past I would sell at least 30 chicken a day, but now I am doing about 10. Things are not good,” said Faith Munyiva who has been in the business since 2000.


She had 300 chicken for the week but was yet to clear the stock Monday.

Mr Protus Onyango, a meat seller at Burma who gets his supply from Kiamaiko also said business was not so good.

“Demand is low, most people with families have travelled (upcountry). Where will the customers come from?” He posed.

He added that the average price of a kilogramme of meat may not go past Sh400 from the current Sh300.

Goat and chicken meat remain one of the most preferred delicacies for Kenyans during festive periods.

The vendors were hopeful that customers would flock to the markets starting as the festivities reach fever-pitch.

“Most people are now concerned about uniforms and books for their children but business will be good between Monday (yesterday) and Christmas,” one of the vendors said.

With the reopening of schools barely two weeks away, most parents already saddled with rising of cost of living are squeezed in their expenditure plans for the festivities.

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