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737 Max Crisis Forces Boeing CEO Muilenberg to Resign

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Boeing has appointed Former Board Chairman David Calhoun to take over the company’s leadership effective January 13. Calhoun will fill in the shoes of recently resigned Dennis Muilenburg, who left the company following as crisis with the Boeing 737 Max. Calhoun believes that his tenure will mark a period of transparent communication as well as the return of the suspended aircraft.

“I strongly believe in the future of Boeing and the 737 MAX. I am honoured to lead this great company and the 150,000 dedicated employees who are working hard to create the future of aviation.” Said Calhoun.

Calhoun’s appointment is in an attempt to reassure stakeholders and stabilize Boeing from recent turbulence.

“The Board of Directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the Company. The company is working to repair relationships with regulators, customers, and all other stakeholders. Henceforth, Boeing will operate with a renewed commitment to full transparency, including effective and proactive communication with regulators and its customers.” Reads a Boeing Statement

Calhoun’s announcement as the new CEO took place on the same day as Muilenberg’s resignation. Muilenberg faced tough times, brushing shoulders with regulators over the ban of the Boeing 737 max.

The Federal Aviation Administration grounded the Boeing 737 Max pending further investigation after the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crash. Besides, the suspended aircraft plunged in Java killing all on board. The two incidents claimed 346 lives in total, therefore necessitating the ban. Other countries like the UK, Nigeria, China, India, Australia also suspended the aircraft from their airspace.

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