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Shame as Kajiado man is caught in bed with his cousin ▷ Kenya News

by biasharadigest

A 32-year old man from Kajiado county is currently the subject of his estate’s loud gossip after he was on Saturday busted entangled in bed with his cousin.

Leikun, as he is popularly known, found himself between a rock and a hard place when his wife walked in the visitor’s room where she found him busy servicing his the relative.

The sight of the two in bed broke Lailah’s heart. It sucked out almost every spark of energy from her body leaving her numb and speechless. She didn’t believe it.

“I just did not know what to do. I had for long suspected that the two were very close in a manner that only romantically involved people could be. He, however, poured cold water on my claims stating that I was just being paranoid.

I tried to sweep it under the carpet but some of my friends working in Nairobi hinted that they had seen the duo kiss while having lunch at an eatery,” said Leilah.

According to the mother of three, hell broke loose in her house five years ago after Mary, the relative in question, came to stay with them.

“She had just completed secondary school and was attending evening classes at a university in Nairobi CBD.

During the day, she could assist with house chores and also attend to customers at an agro vet we jointly owned with hubby in Kitengela,” stated Leilah.

In his confession after being caught in the act, Leikun said that he found his cousin very attractive adding that the campus lady liked him too.

He continued to mention that they understood that the relationship was toxic but could not stop since the bond between them continued growing stronger every morning.

His sentiments made Leilah breathe fire and being unable to bear the pain of the words that hit her like a thunderbolt, she landed on the two with hot slaps before dashing to the kitchen where she fetched a cooking stick.

She taught them a lesson of a lifetime before neighbours intervened and calmed her down.

When tasked to explain how she managed to catch the two, she said that the whole thing was made possible by native doctor Ndumba wa Ndumba who coined a plot and netted them.

Leilah intimated that she read about the herbalist from a viral news website where a report complete with a video on how he had helped a man from Kitale catch his cheating wife was documented.

Ndumba was also touted on a recorded TV bulleting for his ability to catch thieves.

On that particular episode, he had helped a farmer from Uasin Gishu recover his Probox vehicle that was six months ago stolen from his home.

How to contact Ndumba

Mobile number: 0714 857774

E-mail address: [email protected]

Website: https://daktarindumba.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/drndumbawandumba/

Twitter page: https://twitter.com/ndumbawandumba1


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