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Mining CS Munyes Revokes 26 Mining Licenses Over Expiration Claims

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Petroleum and Mining CS John Munyes has suspended the licenses of 26 Mining companies that failed to meet regulatory requirements. A gazette notice dated 13 December reveals the companies failed to renew their mining licenses under the Mining Act of 2016. The suspension is to streamline operations in the mining sector.

The ministry reveals that all revoked mining licenses were exploration permits under the former Mining Act 306. Mining and exploration companies ought to have reapplied for exploration licenses after the enactment of the Mining Act of 2016.

It is worth noting that all the licences revoked under the above gazette notice were all exploration or prospecting licences issued under the repealed mining Act Cap 306.

Mining PS, John Omenge.

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Besides, the companies failed to comply with a 21-day notice to comply with the provisions of the new law.

“All the licence holders of the expired (and subsequently revoked) licences received a 21 days notice to comply with the transitional provisions by applying for a similar type of licence under the Mining Act 2016 on a priority basis. This would have provided for continuity of their rights – some form of renewal or re-grant,” Omenge added.

Companies involved in the mining of non-precious minerals, gemstone, and gypsum in Kwale, Tana, River, and Turkana suffered most. Moreover, the companies’ licences expired between 2011 and 2017.

Nazareth Explorations Limited will suffer the biggest loss, losing its Base Minerals, Non-precious mineral, Precious-metals license in its 1107 square-kilometer site in Turkana. Turksgate Enterprises Limited will follow, losing Base Minerals, Gemstones licenses for 1,594 square kilometers. Tuskgate is also located in Turkana county.

Amka Ventures Limited and Munster Mining and Exploration Limited among other companies also lost their licenses.

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