Home GENERAL NEWS “I regret getting laid by a married man” – Kisumu woman confesses.

“I regret getting laid by a married man” – Kisumu woman confesses.

by biasharadigest

I was 21 years old and very naive when I met him. We were co-workers at a local restaurant in our town.

I remember thinking he was pretty hot. My coworkers told me he was 30 and married, so I assumed nothing could ever happen between the two of us.

The more I worked with him, the more seductive our relationship got. At first, there was no romance involved, but we would just have a lot of fun together…Until one night.

We were working on the same shift. Flirting got a little out of control.

He made a comment about marriage but I I told him I knew how faithful he was to his wife and that I really admired that.

He probably saw an opportunity there and told me that once in a blue moon, he could be open to exploring something else.

Our first time alone together was weird, it was 9pm on a Tuesday and we met at his house; the wife had gone with kids to her parents’ home in Kakamega for short holidays.

We didn’t have much to say to one another. However, he quickly made moves. Things got hot and touchy. I followed him to the bedroom.

Your guess is right on what happened.

He continued texting me after that and we ended up spending a lot of time together for rompy sessions.

One fateful evening on our usual lungula missions in a guest house located at Kondele, we got stuck during the juice session.

That was the moment I realised deep I had sunk in the mess. It was getting nearly impossible to redeem myself.

His touches and times we spent together confused me by working like a charm and now we were in a mess, staring at each other in shame.

It was so embarrassing that his wife had to come; passerby’s flocked the premises to see us. It was terrible.

We were later separated from the ordeal after the security personnel intervened. I, nonetheless, vowed to end the toxic relationship.

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