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What happens next after Trump impeached?

by biasharadigest

Donald Trump has made history as the third U.S. President to be impeached.

The two other Presidents impeached before him are Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.

According to the Washington Post, Trump was impeached on Wednesday based on two articles:

  1. 1. abuse of power by use of federal government and taxpayer money for personal and political gain
  2. 2. obstructing inquiry into his links with Ukraine

This however does not mean that President Trump has been removed from power. So what happens next? A Senate trial.

The Chief Justice of the United States presides over the trial where Senators act as jurors.

Two thirds of them are needed to vote on whether to convict the President thereby removing him from office.

Washington Post reports that the Constitution does not provide for how the Senate trial is conducted and the onus lies entirely on the Senators.

The Bill Clinton trial set precedence of not allowing new evidence and only taping statements of key witnesses.

“It was largely considered as a successful example of bipartisan cooperation between Republicans and Democrats,” the Washington Post reports.

Reports indicate that a section of Senators may be trying to influence the Trump trial even before it begins.

The date for trial can only be agreed on once the Senate receives the two articles that Trump was impeached on.

There is a likelihood that it could be set for January 2020.

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