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Rosemary Odinga, Kenya’s ONLY snail farmer!

by biasharadigest

Snail farming in Kenya; Rosemary Odinga is arguably the only entrepreneur who’s actively involved in snail farming in Kenya. Unlike in West Africa where snails are heavily consumed as a delicacy, East Africans aren’t big fans of snail meat.

Ms. Rosemary is the daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Snail farming is yet to pick up the pace, especially because snails are not perceived as a delicacy in Kenya in contrast to other areas.

Snail farming

Rosemary discovered this as a farming business opportunity after a visit to Nigeria. She started her farm nearly 8 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

Her biggest customers are expatriates in Kenya who come from Europe, Asia and West Africa who, unlike the locals, have a developed taste for snail meat — which is a very healthy meat; high in protein and very low in cholesterol.

Africa is home to the largest species of snail in the world; the Giant African land snail (botanical name: ‘Achatina fulica’). Compared to other livestock, snails are easy and cheap to keep and maintain. And when you target the right market and customers, snail farming can be a very rewarding business.

In this short video on, Rosemary shares her experience in this farming business in Kenya — her startup journey, mistakes, challenges and insights.

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