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Eldoret boda boda rider given snake beating for bedding married woman ▷ Kenya News

by biasharadigest

A boda boda rider from Eldoret is nursing injuries after he was cornered while having relations with a married woman.

The husband of the woman he was cheating with landed on him with hot blows; after a long hunt for the man that had sent his marriage to the rocks.

It has been established that the Okada man would arrive at the woman’s house in Langas after 11pm while her hubby was away on night shift. The man of the house works in an industry located along Eldoret-Nakuru highway.

The okada man would sometimes stay in the house for five hours and slither out stealthily at around dawn.

Throughout this time, whispers were rife that the woman was paying in kind for the free rides she constantly received from the rider.

To solve the glaring problem, the aggrieved husband sought services of native doctor Mwikali Kilonzo to help unravel the puzzle.

Days later, while attending to his night duties, he received several calls from neighbours informing him that the lovebirds (his wife and a stranger) were stuck and were wailing in pain in his bedroom.

Armed with a heavy club, he quickly set off to his house.

“You are the one who has been having an affair with my wife. You will regret today,” the man fumed as he descended on the bike operator.

The fight was quelled after the security personnel from the nearby police camp who were on patrol intervened.

The two were later separated from agony and the man has since summoned his in-laws to discuss the matter.

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