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EDITORIAL: NTSA must be proactive

by biasharadigest
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EDITORIAL: NTSA must be proactive

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) must stand firm and avoid sending mixed signals about road safety, especially in this period when there is a high number of travellers across the country.

NTSA must not only be seen to be fair, but, more importantly, firm in dealing with bus and other public transport companies as well as individuals found culpable of causing road crashes or those who flout road safety rules with wanton abandon.

One of the problems that has been causing massive traffic jams on major highways has been failure by drivers to observe basic rules on safety and road use. For instance, why are slow vehicles not penalized for blocking fast lanes? Why are rules on overlapping not being enforced as they should?

This is the best time for the authority to cement its legitimacy by ensuring that it acts firmly and decisively against individuals and organisations who make a mockery of road safety laws, rules and regulations. The question is; will it seize the moment at a time when the public is looking up to it for protection?

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