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Egg prices increase on illegal Uganda imports crackdown

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Egg prices increase on illegal Uganda imports crackdown

A crackdown at the Kenya-Uganda border has resulted in a price surge. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Eggs have gone up Sh70 a tray following the government’s tightening surveillance on illegal imports from Uganda, which had flooded the market.

A tray is now selling at Sh350 at the wholesale level up from Sh280 with projections of a further rise in prices ahead of the festive season that comes with high demand.

Livestock Principal Secretary Harry Kimutai said the government has moved to seal loopholes on illegal imports at the border to curb flooding of the local market.

“The increase in demand has majorly been caused by the government’s move to tighten surveillance at the border point, which has seen a drastic decline on illegal imports,” said Mr Kimutai.

Kenya Poultry Farmers Association Chairperson Wairimu Kariuki said the decline in supply has been caused by both reduced imports and a decline in local production.


She said the high cost of production this year has seen a significant number of farmers abandon poultry keeping, leading to a shortage.

“There is indeed a decline of eggs coming in from Uganda, but at the same time, there is a reduction on what we produce locally after some farmers abandoned poultry venture because of the high cost,” said Ms Kariuki.

The shortage has now seen retailers paying as high as Sh15 per egg up from Sh10 and Sh12 depending with where one is buying. This is the first time in over two years that the price of eggs has gone up significantly, a move that will put more pressure on the households.

The price of a tray dropped to Sh300 in January this year, from a high of Sh330 as the market witnessed a glut.

Ms Wairimu has warned that the cost is expected to rise further following the recent increase in the price of animal feeds.

The price of a 70-kilogramme chicken feeds have gone up from Sh3,300 previously to Sh3,700 at the moment.

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