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5 Things to Leave Behind in 2019: AskKirubi

by biasharadigest

, As another year draws to a close, we will all gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas and the Festive Season.  It is a great opportunity for us to reflect on the blessings of the year gone by while looking forward to a more prosperous year ahead.

I know the year has been tough for many Kenyans but we have to look ahead. The future may appear bleak but if we keep the faith and respond to the situation with positive and constructive actions, we can break out of the cycle and things can get better.


When plodding through a challenging time, it’s natural to be gripped by fear, self-doubt, and pessimistic thoughts that we won’t be able to surmount the obstacles. We forget that it always seems impossible until it’s done, and that we have overcome similar struggles in the past.

So as we come to an end of another year, here are the things you need to leave behind in order to succeed in 2020:-

Time and again we miss out on opportunities because of our egos. Learning from people’s experiences and sharing knowledge makes it worthwhile. Your area of weakness could be someone else’s area of strength. Working together in harmony will help you achieve more and hasten your learning process.

In life we all have a burning desire to make it. This is totally okay but our own false expectations can lead to constant disappointment. I would advise you to be optimistic but realistic. Keep your dreams and hope alive but stay practical. When you are honest with yourself you will avoid unnecessary setbacks.

  • Meaningless / Fake Relationships

Choose friends who will help you achieve your goals. Surround yourself with peers and colleagues who are always positive and add value to your life. Having friends who ooze positivity will not only make you smart but also help you push through tough times. They will always want to see you win. Check in closely to see who is worth keeping in your circle.

To move forward in life, you must stop living in the past. Your past will only be beneficial if you view it as valuable training. When we dwell too much on the past, our progress is minimal because we forget we have a future to focus on. Focus on what you can do and work on improving your future. 2019 is gone. What are your plans for the coming year?

Don’t compare yourself with others. You have no business equating your journey to that of others. We all have different journeys and jaunts. Stay in your lane and determine your own attitude. Everyone has their own story. Own yours and no one else’s and live in your truth.

Stay true to yourself, your aspirations and goals in life. Live your life to the best of your ability. Keep smiling, keep being positive and always remember we all have our own unique path in life.

In conclusion, as you celebrate with family and friends during this Festive Season, I urge us to do so responsibly. Let’s remember the less fortunate by sharing with them the love and blessings of the Season.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season. Be safe my friends.

May God bless you all and our beloved Nation, Kenya.

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