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KCAA Reviews Airlines’ Operating Licences

by biasharadigest

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has reviewed operating licences for various airlines. In the reviews, some airlines’ licences have been granted, varied, deferred and others denied.

In its latest decision on 27 licence applications, it granted 14 licenses and varied 10. One has been deferred while two variations denied.

Some of the granted licences include:

  • Smartwings Poland: one year licence effective 9th December 2019. It mainly operates tour charter flights to Mombasa.
  • Tanzania’s Regional Air Services Limited: to operate non-scheduled air service for passengers between designated entry-exit points in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Renegade Air Limited: three-year-licence
  • Penial Air Limited: three-year-licence
  • Westwind Avaition Limited: three-year-licence
  • Jambojet: three-year licence effective December 17
  • Vintage Air Charters Limited: one year licence
  • Bonge Air Services Limited: one year licence
  • Level Up Limited: one year licence
  • Lady Lori Helicopters Limited: one year licence
  • Ocean Airlines Limited: one year licences

Licenses that have been allowed variation inlcude Pro Flight Limited, Aberdair Aviation Limited, Aerolink Flight Centre Limited, SAC (K) Limited, HAMCO Aviation Limited, and Governors Aviation Limited.

However, KCAA has denied Saudi Arabian Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines their expansion requests.

As reported by The Star, Saudi Arabian Airlines had sought variation of the existing licence to include new routes of Jeddah(Saudi Arabia)-Nairobi-Maastricht (Maastricht) and Jeddah-Nairobi-Liege(Belgium). Ethiopian Airlines on the other hand had applied variation of existing air service licence to include aircraft type B737F.

The two airlines were mainly targeting to expand their cargo services.

In a statemet, KCAA stated that the reasons for denying the requests were not for public consumption.

Despite the deny, though, Saudi Arabian Airlines has been allowed to operate international non-scheduled all cargo air service on 13 major routes among them Jeddah-Nairobi-Jeddah and Jeddah-Nairobi-Moscow.

On the other hand, Ethiopian Airlines has been granted a two-year licence, with effect from October 3, 2019 to operate international non-scheduled all cargo air service on the routes Addis Ababa-Nairobi- Addis Ababa and Liege- Nairobi-Addis Ababa.

The licence application for Imatong Airlines Limited has however been deferred. It sought to operate Non-scheduled air service for passengers and cargo within the country.

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