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Parents with school fees arrears to be listed on CRB

by biasharadigest

School Fees in Kenya: Have you settled your child’s school fees? If you have not, Education Cabinet secretary George Magoha has some bad news for you. The minister has proposed that parents of students who leave school with fee arrears be listed with the Credit Reference Bureau.

“Moving forward we need to look into the matter and get clear ways of how we can get to protect those who are poor and cannot pay and those who simply have refused to pay,” said Magoha.

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Previously, learning institutions have been withholding certificates in a bid to compel parents to settle their kids’ school arrears. Unpaid school fees in Kenya have been a major cause of concern, with the government having previously threatened to prosecute school heads who withhold certificates.

“It is not true that all those whose certificates have been held cannot pay their children’s fees. Some are capable but are not honouring their obligations,” Magoha said.

Addressing the National Assembly Committee on Education on the issue, Magoha said there was a need to re-look and formulate legislation that will work for both the schools and needy students.

He said the government will ensure those from poor backgrounds get their certificates but is keen on tracking down parents who can afford but notoriously fail to pay.

But in support of Magoha, Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman Indimuli Kahi said some of the certificates date back to the 1970s. Kahi estimated that the fee arrears by former students amount to about Sh. 20 billion.

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