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OPPO Unveils Under-Screen Camera, Shaping the Next Generation of Smartphone Innovation

by biasharadigest

OPPO today unveiled its groundbreaking Under-Screen Camera (USC), a proprietary decentralized communication technology, at MWC Shanghai 2019, underscoring its leadership in smartphone design innovation and new communications technology solutions.

OPPO is committed to product and technology innovation that creates a more immersive and comprehensive experience for users,” said Jesse Wu, Brand Manager at OPPO. “USC is part of OPPO’s vision for the future that we hope will promote the industry’s technological evolution from zero to one. We also view our technological innovation as a way to expand the imagination while opening up a wide range of application scenarios.”

The 5G network and what it means for Kenya

It is a fifth-generation network for mobile connectivity. The technology promises faster upload and download speeds, up to 10-20 times of the normal 4G network. Furthermore, it will offer wider coverage and stable connections to the internet. By taking advantage of the radio frequency spectrum to offer a frequency of between 30 Hertz and 300 Gigahertz, it will enable more mobile devices to access the internet simultaneously.

“The 5G system brings OPPO smartphones to-instantaneous connectivity – 20 times faster than the existing 4G – allowing users to download entire movies in less than a second. In the same way that 3G enabled widespread mobile web access and 4G made new applications work ranging from social media to Uber, 5G will herald a new level of connectivity, empowered by speed. OPPO is committed to enhancing a better experience

It is crucial for the future development of devices ranging from self-driving vehicles that send data traffic to one another in real time, industrial robots, drones and other elements of the Internet of Things. Said Jesse Wu Brand Manager OPPO Kenya

OPPO premieres first Under-Screen Camera, a new breakthrough in smartphone design innovation

OPPO’s latest full-screen display solution, USC, features a customized camera module that captures more light while leveraging optimized algorithms and AI learning to improve camera performance. At the same time, zoning control is employed on the screen to control the pixels in the area directly above the camera. In conjunction with the higher transmittance of the panel material, the technology allows sufficient light to pass through the screen to enable content display to coexist with

camera features including photography, face unlock and video calls.

In terms of hardware, OPPO uses a customized highly-transparent material that strikes a balance between display features and transmittance of light through the screen. In collaboration with supply chain partners, OPPO also customized the camera module with a larger aperture, a larger sensor and greater pixel size for optimal photography

For the software behind USC, OPPO has applied tailored algorithm optimization to its HDR algorithm, haze removal algorithm and white balance algorithm to boost picture quality. Powered by the OPPO’s customized algorithm that enhances brightness and detail, OPPO’s USC is able to deliver imaging with quality approaching that of mainstream smartphones, while also supporting features like smart beauty mode and photo filters.

OPPO showcases the Reno 5G smartphone and embraces a new era of personalized IoT technology

In addition to debuting its two new frontier technologies, OPPO also featured its flagship Reno 5G smartphone and an IoT Smart Home Zone at its MWC Shanghai 2019 booth. Reno 5G, which is currently available in several overseas markets, is powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset and X50 5G modem and features a series of brand-new RF, baseband and antenna designs that deliver a cutting-edge 5G experience.

In the IoT Smart Home Zone, OPPO featured its IoT open platform, which is compatible with products across more than 20 categories, including more than 260 device SKUs from a variety of brands. OPPO will continue to expand IoT offerings, with another 10+ product categories to be made available on its open platform in the near future.

Embracing the emerging 5G era, OPPO is committed to creating personalized technology experiences based on a comprehensive 5G+ integration that connects everything intelligently. OPPO will continue to invest in 5G, AI, cloud, IoT, new forms and materials and other areas to bring unprecedented technological innovation to users around the world.

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