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Uni industries (EA) launch Macadams self-cooking centre in Kenya

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Self cooking centre requires minimum supervision, can cook variety of products at the same time/File

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 19 – Uni industries East Africa have launched the Macadams self cooking centre in Kenya, which is a one stop cooking equipment that can cook everything at a go.

The self cooking equipment is intelligent and one only needs to set, press buttons depending on the food you want to cook and method, be it frying, steaming, baking or roasting then place the raw food in the drawer and wait to be alerted when it is ready.

When it’s done an alarm or a beaming light alerts you to open the drawer and remove your ready food.

Speaking during the launch, the company’s Regional Operations Director Roscoe Bremer described this technology as one of the most successful innovations in the catering industry today.

“The idea behind the self cooking center is to automate hotel and restaurant kitchens depending on what the environment is to the point where you get consistency and quality continuously and it connects to the internet, programs can be uploaded,” said Bremer.

Bremer said this equipment is a must have for all caterers who have banqueting for 100 persons and over, as well as modern restaurants who wish to better their products and efficiency.

“Self cooking centre requires minimum supervision, can cook variety of products at the same time and all foods remain succulent and will not dry,” he added. Also, no sweat, no hot flames. This technology is popular in United States of America and Europe.

They have also launched a mobile kitchen, a concept where you do not require premises and one can set up anywhere and prepare any food.

“This concept is gaining popularity around the world and the time is right for young Kenyan entrepreneurs to get into it. If the location doesn’t work for you, you are free to drive away elsewhere and sell your food,” said Bremer.

Uni industries East Africa set up in Kenya three years ago, and Nairobi has been serving as the regional hub for East Africa.

According to Regional Managing Director Moez Manji, here in Kenya they started off with 12 staff and three years later they are at 66 saying that they foresee a further expansion which will create more job opportunities.

The group also sells baking machinery, kitchen equipment and refrigeration as well as dealing in cutlery, crockery and restaurant equipment.

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