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Interior spokesman named CEO of State-owned press

by biasharadigest

Interior spokesman named CEO of State-owned press

Mwenda Njoka
Mr Mwenda Njoka. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Former communications director at the Interior ministry, Mwenda Njoka has taken up a printing role in a government that is increasingly digitising its information.

Mr Njoka was last week appointed chief executive of the Government Press, an agency which is tasked with printing and publishing all official documents, including the Kenya Gazette.

The agency also makes the official rubber stamps and advises the State on all matters to do with printing of documents.

Mr Njoka declined to discuss his new role, saying he needed time to settle down.

“I’m just taking over. Let me settle then I will talk to media later,” Mr Njoka told the Business Daily by phone on Thursday.

The appointment puts Mr Njoka at the gatekeeping position from where he will have to ensure accuracy, completeness and credibility of all official documents, including legislation and public appointments, amid a wave of social media distortions.

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