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Communist Party of Kenya opposes govt’s new employment policy

by biasharadigest

The Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) says it “strongly condemns” the plan by the government to start employing civil servants on a three year contract rather than on a permanent basis.

In a notice signed by CPK chair Mwandawiro Mghanga, the group said that workers in the country should be united against the plan.

According to the CPK, the government’s explanation that the move would reduce the wage bill in the civil service is not genuine.

“The truth of the matter is that the civil service workers, the vast majority of who are paid very small wages, allowances, pensions and other benefits are not responsible for the high and escalating wage bill,” said Mghanga.

Instead, CPK points to it is the top echelon of the government executive functionaries, Members of Parliament, the plethora of multiple constitutional commissions, the top brass of military and security personnel, the heads of parastatals as being responsible for the large wage bill.

“They are paid – or they pay themselves – wages, allowances, pensions and benefits that are hundreds times more than that of the majority of civil service workers,” he said.

CPK added that civil workers are entitled to the rights to wages, allowances, pensions and other benefits. These rights cannot and should not be revoked by the government “when it decides to”, the Communist Party said.

“Workers will not and must not accept their rights to permanent employment and pensions to be tampered with or snatched from them,” added Mghanga.

The move could also allow the private sector to do the same, CPK added.

On June 19, the Public Service Commission (PSC) announced that a freeze on permanent employment within the civil service would begin on July 1.

PSC proposed that instead, the government would start hiring on a three year contract.

“This will ensure that people are retained in the public service based on their performance,” said PSC chairman Stephen Kirogo.

Already, Senators have questioned the new policy, arguing that there was no consultation or public participation.

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