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A snapshot of the 2019/2020 Budget proposals

by biasharadigest

Here are some of the highlights  of the proposals tabled by the Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich in parliament/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 13 – Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich has presented this year’s budget, mentioning the Sh3.02 trillion spend plans which includes new tax measures.

This year’s budget focuses on the Big Four Agenda which has been funded to the tune of  Sh450 billion .

CS Rotich says this will help create more jobs as it transforms the lives of Kenyans. He further predicted growth in the medium term saying the country has witnessed a 6.3 per cent growth in 8 years.

Here are some of the highlights  of the proposals tabled by the Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich in parliament, Thursday afternoon.

The housing sector has been allocated Sh10 billion to cater for the construction of affordable units.

On universal health, the Treasury has allocated Sh47.8 billion shillings as part of the government’s measures to avail quality health services to Kenya.

The food and nutrition security, the treasury has set aside Sh2 billion for the national value chain support program and Sh3 billion for setting up the coffee cherry revolving fund to implement prioritized reforms in the coffee sub-sector.

On Infrastructure the government has allocated Sh1.1 billion for the development of textile and leather industrial park, and cotton development subsidy.

On SME’S the government has allocated Sh1.7 billion to support growth of SME’s in the manufacturing sector, Sh0.4 billion to constituency Industrial development sectors and Sh1 billion to modernize facilities in the Kenya Industrial Research and development institute.

On education, the sector will receive Sh55.4 billion is set aside for free day secondary education, and Sh13.4 billion for free primary education programme. Under the same sector the teacher to student ratio, has been provided Sh3.2 billion for the recruitment of additional teachers.

The Treasury has also included  Sh 1.5 billion for primary and secondary school infrastructure Sh10.3 billion for tuition and tools support to vocational training, Sh6.8billion for the construction and equipping of technical institutions, Sh4 billion for examinations fee waiver for all class eight and form four candidates, and Sh4 billion for NHIF Insurance for secondary school students.

ICT received an allocated Sh3.2billion for the Digital Literacy Programme, Sh2.9 billion for Government Shared Services Sh2.8 billion for National Optic Fibre Backbone Phase II expansion and Sh1.1 billion for Installation of an Internet Based 4000 Network. The CS said he has also set aside Sh7.2 billion for the on-going construction of Konza Technopolis Complex and another Sh 5.1 billion to support the Konza Data Centre and Smart City Facilities project.

Counties will receive Sh371 billion of which Sh310 billion is the equitable share and Sh61.6 billion.

On anti-corruption drive, treasurer has allocated over Sh88 billion shillings to various agencies tasked with fighting graft in a move meant to sustain the renewed war against the vice.

The office of the auditor General which within the three arms of government has been allocated 5.7 billion shillings, some 19.4 billion shillings for the Judiciary and 7.1 billion shillings to the criminal investigation services.

Of the major enablers, infrastructure will receive Sh180.9 billion for roads and rehabilitation.

Pension budget has also increased in the past year which will now be reduced since majority have been ghost workers.

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