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Lit Late Nights at Blacky’z

by biasharadigest
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Lit Late Nights at Blacky’z


You must already suspect what kind of a bar this is going by that name; Blacky’z. Not Blacky’s or even Blackys. Blacky’z.

It suggests something young-ish and cool-ish, a place with a vibe, a place where the guyz (not guys) who frequent “turn up” in because it “happens.”

Have I lost you up to that point? If I have then stop reading, this is a different forest, my friend.

Blacky’z is at the cornerof Argwings Kodhek and Chaka Road. During the day it looks like what a pole dancer would look like off the pole; safe, run-of-the-mill.

Which is the reason you might not have seen it while driving by to Yaya to do your banking. Come night and its “lit!” (When else will I use these lingo in a serious newspaper like this?). If you go at about 11pm, like I did, you will find about 2million carsparked outside.

These are mostly taxis. It opens into a square with seats, and a throng of people drinking there from high stools and tables. Inside is wide and large, with sections leading into inner sanctums, a labyrinth of debauchery.

The crowd is not that young really, but the cool type. The type that move with the trend like locusts.

I don’t fancy such places, they don’t normally float my boat, but the music, my goodness, the music! Deejay Andre was playing last Friday (and I suppose every Friday?) and he was killing it. (Another slang).

I ended up staying out until way after midnight, the latest I have been out this year. The music was so good I even stood up to dance with my two left legs. Nobody laughed. I wouldn’t have cared anyway.

When I finally walked out to wait for my cab, hordes of people were still streaming in, which goes to show that Blacky’z is a place chaps go to close the night with. It’s good fun if you just loosen up.

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