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Facebook Bans Pre-Installing of its Apps on Huawei Phones

by biasharadigest

Facebook is planning to ban pre-installing of its apps on Huawei phones as it joins other US companies in cutting ties with the Chinese telco giant, according to reports by Reuters.

The social media giant has banned Chinese manufacturer from loading its main app, Instagram and WhatsApp onto any phone that hasn’t left the factory yet.

Nonetheless, Current Huawei users will be able to download the apps, and they will be able to receive apps through the Google Play store.

The ban will be affected, and future Huawei devices will not be able to access the Google Play store and other Google apps when the current trend between Huawei and the US government continues.

The planned ban is the latest blow to Huawei following the ban imposed on the tech giant by the US government. Google was the first company to cut business ties with Huawei when the suspension was first announced.

Google has, however, secured a temporary license to continue sending security updates to existing Huawei phones, (except those that haven’t left the factory) for 90 days.

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