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NSE weekly turnover falls by Sh2.5 billion

by biasharadigest

A four day trading week that was interluded by the Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations in mid-week saw overall turnover drop to Ksh1.3 billion on 51.8 million shares.

Last week, the bourse had transacted shares worth a total Ksh 3.8 billion on 135 million shares.

At the Bond Market, reduced activity was witnessed with bonds worth Ksh13.7 billion transacted compared to Ksh19.3 billion posted the previous session.

The week ended June 7 also saw the NSE indices close on a high.

On the tab that indexes all the counters on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, a bump upwards of 0.55 points saw the All Share Index stand at 150.47. The bourse has averaged a high of 160 over the course of 2019.

The NSE 20 share index was up 23.54 points to stand at 2700.46, while the NSE 25 Share index gained 32.68 points to settle at 3649.06.

At the sectors tab, two sectors — the Banking and Telecommunication Sector — accounted for 93.28% of the week’s total traded value.

The two sectors encompass 13 firms listed on the Nairobi exchange.

NSE Sectors Wrap

The Banking Sector had shares worth Ksh692 million transacted, accounting for 52.95% of the week’s traded value.

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Of the 12 listed banks, Equity Group Holdings was the most actively traded counter in this sector with 11 million shares valued at Ksh437 million changing hands at between Ksh38 and Ksh40.

KCB Group moved 2.2 million shares worth Ksh88.8 million and closed the week at Ksh39.55.

Co-operative Bank was down 1.20% to Ksh12.30 and moved 5.8 million shares valued at Ksh70.7 million.

In Telecommunication, Safaricom was the week’s biggest mover with 19 million shares valued at Ksh527 million.

Safaricom’s shares at the NSE changed hands at between Ksh27.10 and Ksh28, representing 40.33% of the week’s traded value.

In other sectors, the Commercial & Services Sector had shares worth Ksh11.6 million transacted which accounted for 0.89% of the week’s traded value.

Scangroup moved 614,000 shares valued at Ksh6.7 million at between Ksh11 and Ksh12.10.

The Energy & Petroleum Sector had shares worth Ksh35 million transacted which represented 2.70% of the week’s traded value.

KenGen saw 4.4 million shares valued at Ksh26.7 million changing hands at between Ksh5.88 and Ksh6.30.

The Manufacturing & Allied Sector had shares worth Ksh21 million transacted which represented 1.63% of the week’s traded value.

B.A.T closed the week 2.56% lower to Ksh495 moving 22,000 shares valued at Ksh11 million.

E.A Breweries moved 42,000 shares worth Ksh8.7 million and closed at Ksh205.25.

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