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5 side hustles Aden Duale did before joining politics

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Aden Duale Businesses: Many Kenyans know the sharp tongued Garrisa town legislature for his bare-knuckled approach to politics, his fierce criticism to his politic nemesis, his defence of his politic bosses and his witty remarks coupled with off-cuff hilarious phrases that sometimes trend weeks-on end in many households and on social media.

What many don’t know about the man from the arid county of Garrisa is that he is a down-to-earth man who has engaged in many hustles that are humble to the core.

Aden Bare Duale was born in the year 1969 in Balambala Garrisa County. He comes from the Abdulwak of the Talamooge sub-clan, which is part of the larger Ogaden clan.

His Member of Parliament for Garrisa Township and is also the Majority leader in the august house. He is the second most senior leader in parliament after the speaker and  the 7th nationally after the president, deputy president, CJ, both speakers and the chief of staff, General Samson Mwathethe.

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Besides politics, Hon Aden Duale engaged in many economic engaging activities and has led an illustrative career that has earned millions of cash and plenty of wealth. Aden Duale Businesses:


Coming for the Borana community that treasures animals, animal farming was a natural course for Duale and he started keeping cattle way before he engaged in any formal business or work. That was before 1992 when he started teaching.

He recently revealed that he paid 4 cows and 5 camels to General Mohammed in order to marry her daughter, who is younger sister to Garrisa Governor Ali korane’s wife.


After completing his teacher’s training course, Hon Duale would start his teaching profession immediately. That was in the year 1992. He was employed at Sankur secondary school and started teaching in earnest. The teaching career of the now Majority Leader would come to a premature end however as he abruptly quit the job after only 2 months for unknown reasons.


 Business it seems to be the reason he quit teaching as Duale, who himself come from a business family, would soon ventured into the world of business. After quitting from his professional teaching, he never hesitates to join his family in doing business.

It seems he believed that in business that is where money is was and end up doing very well financially until 1999 when he joined KBC.


At (KBC) he got employment as a broadcasting director but would later rise to hold other portfolios. once joined Kenya broadcasting corporation in the year 1999

He held many prominent positions in the news corporation perhaps gain a lot of experience and a quick tongue, which have undoubtedly helped him and continue to give him an upper hand in his political career.

He served at the broadcasting corporation for a period of four years.

Livestock marketing

He is a member and co-founder of the livestock and marketing society in Kenya

With his knowledge and experience, the national assembly majority leader together with other people started a marketing and livestock organization society in Kenya.

The organization’s purpose is mainly to regulate the selling of livestock in the country.

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